Friday, 22 February 2013

Cute Girl's Heir Style

There are some cute girl's heir style. You get help from These :)

Braid Overlay
3 v braids

Basket weave headband

Braids & multi level pony


Crimped Braided Pullback (7)

classic cut that’s perfect for her face shape

cool twist

Criss cross pig tails
Cute and easy

cute. Great tutorial.

double braided headband
Double pull thrus

Diagonal flip thrus

for elizabeth- primrose everdeen braids
For a little ballerina! So sweet.

dutch braiding 4 & 5 strands

Great website for doing little girls' hair
for longer hair - braided headband

Fun and easy-doing it.

Halloween hairdo!
interwoven braids

Honeycomb headband hairstyle tutorial
Linked Hearts Hairstyle
Lots of really cute hair ideas

Knotted Braid Pullback

Princess Piggies
Side Knots

Puffy braid piggies

Simple but very cute hairstyle
simple and gorgeous

side puffy braid with twist braid

The Braid-Wrapped Pony
simple, effective, easy

tight simple pullback
uneven braid side pony and a poof

Waterfall Braid Hairstyles

very interesting and easy to do

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